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With our experience and expertise, we make every effort to write a thorough and complete “preliminary” estimate of all repair damage needed to get your car back to its pre-accident condition. This preliminary estimate is very important so that damaged parts can be identified, ordered and received at the shop, before the repair actually begins. Our estimators will explain our preliminary estimate to you in detail so that you understand exactly what is on our estimate. Estimates provided by other body shops could be higher or lower than ours simply because we figured something they didn’t or vice versa.

There are many unforeseen circumstances in the repairing of vehicles. Our preliminary estimate is just an estimate of repair costs based on visual damage. We regret that we can only estimate, not promise, repair costs and completion times. Unfortunately that is just the nature of the business. However, it is our commitment to keep you informed of any supplemental damage that may be found once repairs begin. And, we always provide you with a final estimate, which includes all parts replaced and repairs performed, when you pick up your vehicle.